Meranti Ceiling Laundrack™


A laundrack™ is a beautiful, handmade ceiling mounted wooden laundry airing rack that every home should have.
A beautiful hoistable wooden rack for airing laundry.
Save money and floor space with this skillfully crafted 5-Slat Laundrack™.
Instead of using a tumble dryer and wasting precious energy, hang your washing on your rack and, using the simple pulley system, pull the rack up to the warmer air below the ceiling.

Every rack comes with:

  • A stainless steel single pulley, a double pulley, and cleat (incl. screws + plugs)
  • 8 meters of high-quality cotton rope
  • 2 x Fischer Hooks and plugs

DIY or get your local handyman to assist you with its installation.

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Strong and Long Lasting

Our handmade Laundracks are crafted from strong, natural woods, specially treated to stand the test of time. It is a fantastic investment for your home, adding value

Save money on electricity

Our indoor Laundrack has been designed to save you money. Running a tumble dryer is very costly. By installing a Laundrack, you will be receiving a durable, life-long solution for all your laundry airing needs.

Reduce carbon footprint

By using an eco-friendly Laundrack instead of a tumble dryer you will be helping to protect the environment, and the planet, by lowering your carbon footprint.

Easy to Install

Our ceiling mounted Laundrack uses an easy to set up pulley system which includes:
Stainless steel single pulley
Stainless steel double pulley
Stainless steel cleat (incl.screws & plugs)
8m premium cotton rope
2x Fisher hooks & plugs
It is simple to install a Laundrack in the ceiling using our easy to read instructions

Save space

Whether you live in an apartment without a garden or have limited floor space inside your home, or just want to declutter your living space, using a ceiling mounted Laundrack is a great way to save space. Stored at the ceiling, no need to fold up and store away.


Having a Laundrack will ensure your laundry is kept within your home, safe from theft, bad weather, and pollution.


Gift Ideas
A Laundrack makes an ideal Christmas, wedding, birthday or housewarming gift.

Holiday Home
A Laundrack is perfect for drying swimming and sports gear at your holiday home. Stainless steel accessories chosen to prevent corrosion, especially for coastal use.

Retirement Dwellings
A Laundrack is wonderful for our senior citizens – easy loading from a wheelchair and made of light materials to ensure the frail can easily raise and lower it.

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