Annual Operating Cost – Tumble Dryer vs Laundrack TM

1. Tumble Dryer


  • The useful life of tumble dryer (yrs)  6
  • The purchase price of average 8 kg tumble dryer (Bosch). R8400
  • Hours used based on 2 washes per week (Hrs per week) 4
  • The power rating of a dryer (kW) 2.8

Electricity tariff in Jhb inc service & network charges (R/Kwh) 2.117

Annual Running Costs

  • Depreciation – Straight-line over 6 years R1400
  • Power costs. R1233
  • Total annual costs = R2633

2. 1.8m Poplar LaundrackTM complete with accessories


  • Purchase price From R1380
  • Delivery in Gauteng (R per box) R75
  • Useful life – minimum 10 years 10

Total annual cost = R146


  1. Based on the above, the cost of the LaundrackTM will be paid off within a year and substantial savings in annual electricity costs will be achieved, even excluding inflation.
  2. Tumble drying is not suitable for all types of clothing, especially those made from natural fibers.
  3. Maintenance & repairs costs of a tumble drier over its useful life have been excluded.

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