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It was while driving through some of Johannesburg suburbs one day, that Bridget and Graeme Dick noticed how many balconies were festooned with laundry. It is a reality that almost every household in an urban environment faces the same problem of how to keep their laundry within the home where it will be safe from theft, bad weather and pollution.

They designed the Laundrack™ which they launched at the August 2018 Decorex Exhibition, Gallagher Estates and were thrilled at the interest that it generated.

Their goal is to assist every possible householder by getting a Laundrack™ into their home and take away the worry of airing their laundry safely inside. It is suggested that their Ply rack will be an ideal solution for low cost or refurbished accommodation.

They plan to provide men and women with special needs, who are currently excluded from the employment market, with a means of earning a living.

They also plan to set up an organisation in the rural areas to grow saplings which will be sold to forestry companies so that the trees used in the manufacture of their products are constantly being replaced.

We saw an opportunity