A Solution for Drying Laundry during Load Shedding and Wet/Cold Weather

As we currently experience frequent power outages or load shedding due to the Eskom crisis, and the current rainy and damp weather, it is becoming increasingly difficult to dry our laundry after being washed by a machine or by hand. The power outages are likely to prevail for some time because there is no short term solution to Eskom’s problems, and the wet weather may still persist well into April, which prevents drying laundry on lines outside.

An innovative solution is to purchase a beautifully crafted wooden laundry rack (Laundrack™) for internal use, supplied by Greenwood Creations. The rack is mounted to the ceiling and via a system of pulleys and rope, can be lowered to a convenient level to load the damp laundry on it, and then raised up to the underside of the ceiling to dry in the warmer air, thereby freeing up the floor space below. There are no power costs so the cost of the Laundrack™ would be recovered within 6 to 8 months from the savings in power costs from using drying equipment such as a tumble drier, and it has a life span of several years.

Further information on this unique product for drying laundry indoors, can be obtained from our website at www.greenwoodcreations.co.za or emailing us at greenwoodcreations823@gmail.com

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